Tri Lift


Wake up and rejuvenate your skin with our TriLift treatment. This is skin regeneration at its best, and it features three different technologies, each with a specific function designed to be effective on its own and especially in collaboration with the others.

An unbelievable treatment for skin rejuvenation

This can be over the course of an Adapted Programme or all 3 treatments in the same day, you can discuss this with us during your consultation.

The 3 technologies for the TriLift are;
The Aqua3 
Plasma Lift
Filler Lift

Each one has a different way of working, targetting different areas to get maximum results.

Treatment Areas.png

Aqua 3 

The AQUA3 facial uses 3-in-1 technology, combining the power of deep cleansing water peeling with active ingredients, microdermabrasion, and transdermal cosmetic delivery.

Plasma Lift

 A hand held energy resource to lift and regenerate facial skin using currents to stimulate blood flow and instantly plump skin. Designed to have an immediate toning effect on skin tissue, redefining the outline of the face, lifting the oval shape and filing out areas that have taken on an empty appearance due to ageing.

Filler Lift

Monopolar radio frequency vibrating technology with a handpiece that ensures the deep penetration of special B Fills, a concentrate of active molecules which brings about intense skin rejuvenation. 

Treatment Cost's

Wake up and rejuvenate your skin with our TriLift treatment.

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