Skin Analysis


How healthy is your skin, hair, and scalp? 

Our non-invasive, instrumental technological system assesses your skin, hair, and scalp, helping to create unique and tailored treatments, perfect for your skin. We have an amazing piece of technology that can capture a super-enhanced image of the skin to be analysed.  This is particularly useful when you are on a course of treatments and want to see an enhanced image of the improvement in your skin health.

Get your Skin Analysis done at The Natural Enhancement Clinic.

DermaScan Enhancer

DermaScan Enhancer is a non-invasive, technological system for assessing the health of skin, hair, and the scalp.  It is a diagnostic system that offers unique, tailored recommendations through the creation of a skin and hair identity card and a skin health check-up that not only detects visible blemishes, but also those that do not yet appear visible and are sure to emerge over time.


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