Holistic Body Therapy


Here, is all our Holistic Body Therapy treatments in one place where we can showcase all those soothing, calming, relaxing facials. Ultimate relaxation is only a scroll away.

3 reasons why we recommend getting all-over body massages, regulary. 


Massages promote better sleep as they increase delta waves in the brain, which are connected to a deeper, more restful sleep.


Having a holistic approach to chronic pain instead of synthetic drugs could result in relieved pain from regular, all-over body massages


Holistic body therapy is linked to releasing tension, stress, and anxiety from your body. Physical touch in all the right places will lower our Cortisol levels.


There's no place more relaxing and calming than The Natural Enhancement Clinic.


We specialise in putting all our clients at ease, giving them the relaxing facial, that they deserve.

Holistic Body Therapy Hub

Here's a list of all holistic massages offered at The Natural Enhancement Clinic.

The Clinic’s full body massage. (Including the scalp.)

A divine deep tissue massage with warm oils, bespoke to your needs.

- Alleviate muscle tension, and release toxins from your body.

- Helps with mobility and quicker recovery times.

- Boosts blood circulation around the body.

- Aids sleep.

- Helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Massage time: 60 minutes for £60 or 90 minutes for £75



The Clinic's Aromastone full body massage. (Including facial massage.)

The Natural Enhancement Clinic's 5-star spa experience. 

- Helps alleviate muscle tension and pain

- Reduces stress and anxiety.

- Promotes sleep.

- Reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

- Boosts immunity.

Massage time: 60 minutes for £65 or 90 minutes for £80


The Clinic's Body Scrub and Glow.                         

Book in for a bespoke handmade fresh, flora and herbal salt scrubs. Which helps with a number of solutions to make your body feel amazing. 

- Removes dead skin cells.

- Refreshes the skin by promoting skin hydration

- Gives your skin its elasticity and tone back.

- Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst also promoting toxin removal and lymphatic drainage.

- Help eradicate cellulite.

- Boosts circulation.

- Important for maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

*Can be used in conjunction with other massages.

Massage time: 30minutes for £35 or 60 minutes for £60


*All massage treatments are subject to a full medical consultation. Any long-term health concerns must have consent to go ahead​

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