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The aim of the consultation is for our specialists to provide expert advice on all treatments and procedures, and give you time to ask any questions you may have. Our Consultations are relaxed, friendly and chilled... More like coffee with an old friend.   

Your specialist will analyse your skin and discuss your skincare objectives, during the skincare analysis we will identify any skin concerns and record your skin type and expectations.


We use our  DermaScan to recognise skin tones and textures, and this allows us to adapt and tailor the treatment to you. It's an amazing piece of technology that captures a super-enhanced photographic image of the skin to be analysed. This is particularly useful when you are on a course of treatments and want to see an enhanced image of the improvement in your skin health.

Our aftercare service ensures you have unlimited availability to advanced skincare advice at any point after your treatment, this can be received and accessed through our Facebook, Instagram, or text message!

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At the end of every treatment, we always make sure to provide aftercare that will benefit your skin prolonging the effects of your treatment.


We are always happy to help @ The Clinic! So, book a consultation today. 

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